Minnesota Tour Feb/Mar 2009

Eli will be visiting Minneapolis January 29 through March 25, 2009, teaching with Sabine Ibes at the following locations:


Dates and Locations of workshops:
* Feb 8 - Dahl Dance Center (1619 North Broadway, Rochester, MN)
* Feb 15 - University of Minnesota, Coffman Union's 'The Whole' (300 Washington Ave. S.E. Minneapolis, MN)
Descriptions of workshops are below.

Private Lessons:

Eli is available for private lessons. Discounts are offered for prepayment of multiple lessons as well as to full time students.
Please email him for more information: mail '@' elileserowitz.com

Regular Classes / Practicas:

Monday: University of Minnesota
* 7:00 PM - Intermediate
* 8:00 PM - Práctica (1hr)

Wednesdays: Social Dance Studio
* 7:00 PM - Beginners
* 8:15PM - Intermediate

Thursday: University of Minnesota
* 7:00 PM - Foundations 1
* 8:00 PM - Foundations 2

Saturdays: Social Dance Studio
* 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM - Práctica

Milonga Classes & Performances:

* Jan 31: Performing @ "Summit Mansion Holiday Milonga" (340 Summit Ave, St Paul, MN)
* Feb 6: Teaching class and Performing @ "UTango Welcome Milonga"
* Feb 7: Teaching, DJing & Performing @ Milonga In Rochester, MN (Sontes, 4 3rd Street, Rochester, MN)
* Feb 13: Teaching class and Performing @ "Milonga Flor de Luna" (4 Seasons Dance Studio , 1637 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN)
* Feb 14: Teaching class and Performing @ "TSoM 10 Year Anniversary Party Milonga" (Germanic American Institute, 301 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN)
* Feb 28: Teaching class @ Tango Fusion Milonga (Social Dance Studio,3742 23rd Avenue, Minneapolis, MN)

Other Stuff:

* Feb 1: DJing "Big Bowl Boycott Milonga" @ Bre's House, Minneapolis, MN
* Feb 15: DJing / Co-hosting "Schrödinger's Meowlonga" @ Bre's House, Minneapolis, MN
* Feb 22: DJing / Co-hosting "BYOCB (Bring Your Own Chinese Buffet) Milonga" @ Eric's House, Minneapolis, MN
* Mar 15: DJing / Co-hosting "The Belated Pi Day Milonga" @ Janeen's House, Minneapolis, MN
* Mar 19: DJing / Co-hosting " Welcome Home(r) Ladas Milonga" @ Bre's House, Minneapolis, MN
* Mar 20: DJing "UTango Milonga" @ Northrop Auditorium Studio 5, U of MN

Workshops Descriptions:

Title: A Tango Classic - The Left Turn in Cross System
Level: All Level – with challenges for advanced dancers
Description: Turns are fun and practical on a crowded dance floor. We will use this as a foundation for the next two workshops.

Title: Quantum Tango Mechanics #1- Linear Motions
Level: Intermediate (Uses material from previous workshop)
Description:In this workshop we will explore using "Vertical Spirals". When this technique is "mastered" it will help you with your tango walk, sacadas and other great movements such as "lock-back ochos".

Title: Quantum Tango Mechanics #2- Circular Motions
Level: Intermediate – with challenges for advanced dancers (Uses material from previous workshop)
Description: In this workshop we will explore using "Horizontal Spirals", a dynamic embrace to create torsion that will lead into other fabulous moves.


About Sabine:

Sabine Ibes has been dancing her whole life, she started focusing on Argentine Tango in 2003. In order to do so, she has been to Buenos Aires and followed many workshops by masters of Argentine Tango.

In 2005 She performed with Theatre de la Jeune Lune ,Minneapolis, in "Maria de Buenos Aires". She continues her education by traveling around the world and in the USA.

At this time she is teaching at the University of Minnesota and at the Social Dance Studio in Minneapolis. Sabine believes that while we are on the social dance floor the object is to have fun with the dance, and that you can have fun in exploring the opportunities of movement with a partner and look darn good doing so at the same time!

The Classes that she teaches are well balanced, inventive and fun. She is very keen on the fact that the student has to feel comfortable while dancing. A relaxed body and mind will create a comfortable connection, so the partner feels a sense of being safe. Sabine is an enthusiast of Nuevo (new) Tango , organic moves within tango while reflecting on the more traditional roots of Argentine Tango. This means that she focuses on a fusion of close and open embrace tango.

Sabine's Website: www.tangoandi.com