Champaign-Urbana Workshop Weekend Aug 2009

Eli Leserowitz and Nina Tatarowicz will be in Champaign-Urbana for a milonga Saturday August 1 followed by an afternoon of Argentine Tango workshops Sunday August 2 @ Channing-Murray!!

Milonga - Sat Aug 1

  Pre-Milonga class: "A classic turn to the left"
  Pricing: $10 / $5 students

  Milonga with Performance, hors d'oeuvres, candlelight
  Pricing: $10 / $5 students
  DJ: Eli

Workshops - Sun Aug 2

  Topic: Dynamics, (All Level)
  Description: pauses,variations in height and speed

  Topic: Milonga (Int)
  Description: connection,musicality and new steps

  Topic: Boleos (Int)
  Description: a beautiful step in social dance with many variations..a challenge to lead opportunity for followers to release the free leg

Pricing: Regular / Students

  1 Workshop: $20 / $15
  2 Workshop: $35 / $25
  3 Workshop: $50 / $35

Location for all events:

1209 W Oregon, Urbana, IL

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