Workshops in Forest Hills, Mar 28, 2010

Eli Leserowitz
Eli wearing Magic Clothing

"Dancing Argentine Tango using ESP!!!"

It is said there is something magical about Argentine Tango. When a couple dances the most subtle movements create elaborate beauty. This workshop introduces you to this magic - the communication in the partnership. Communication is about both "talking" and "listening", we will work towards deleveloping our awareness of ourselves and our partners. With this awareness we canvary the dynamics of our movements to really dance to the music rather than execute steps.
Workshop will consist of some excersices, games and example applications.

Date / Time

Sunday Mar 28, 3:30-5:00pm


  Rhythms & Soul Dance Studio (QNS)
   70-11 Austin St. 2nd fl.
   Forest Hills, NY 11375

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